Military aerospace heating technology can be called the most powerful intelligent clothing


The rise of smart clothing means that a revolution from the field of clothing is about to begin. What is smart clothing? With the advancement of science and technology, an ordinary clothing has been given more functions, such as heating clothing that can play music, measure blood pressure, and make temperature compensation according to changes in the surrounding temperature. What is the difference between the new generation of smart clothing and the traditional heating clothing?
On the flexible nano heating film, a temperature sensor is added to monitor and feedback the temperature of the heating film in real time to ensure that the temperature can be detected and controlled, for example, after feeling the temperature drop, Feiles intelligent clothing can quickly make temperature compensation according to the changes in the surrounding temperature, to ensure that the heating film is always in a constant range when delivering temperature to the body intelligent, and if the temperature reaches a limited range, the smart clothing will automatically stop heating up, which can prevent the discomfort caused by excessive temperature to the human body.
Traditional technology uses simple adjustment of output power to adjust temperature, but in different environments when the temperature is often different from the theoretical value, a single output power can not do the effect of constant temperature, and even when the power is too large, it will cause discomfort to the human body.
"Foolproof" safety concept VS unstable safety performance.

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In the category of professional uniforms, there are 19 industries that are uniformed by the state, and the Public Prosecution Law is one of them, the huge demand market attracts the bidding competition of clothing suppliers, and the procurement of uniforms by the Public Prosecution Law has strict requirements for the strength of suppliers, and enterprises are proud to be the procurement object of public security and legal organs, and can also highlight the strong strength and strong competitiveness of enterprises.


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Uniform is the enterprise for the corporate image to unify the employee dress customized clothing, workwear or work clothes belong to one of the uniforms, is for the work needs to facilitate work, combined with the characteristics of the choice of color customized professional clothing. Commonly known as uniform is the business card of the enterprise, uniform dress is gradually valued by all enterprise units.


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What is the difference between industry logo uniforms and functional uniforms? As far as "industry logo uniforms" and "functional uniforms" are concerned, due to the role of rational "functionalism" and historical deposition, they each show a high stylization tendency. "Industry logo uniforms" are mostly in the form of more suitable suits; The "functional uniform" is mainly in the form of a loose jacket, and the two have their own internal laws in the design of uniform details such as shoulders, sleeves, placket, pockets, and pleats.


Textile and national defense promote each other, military textiles are so "tall"

August 1 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, which has achieved leapfrog development in the quality of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and has undergone earth-shaking changes in its military system, uniforms, and weaponry. The People's Liberation Army of Chinese has been built into a modern and informationized army, and our troops are becoming a world-class army! And China's textile industry contributes not a simple stitch, but the support of scientific and technological strength and spiritual belief, which not only makes our soldiers invincible, but also makes China's military equipment stand firm in the international market!