What is the "mosaic" on the left chest of military uniforms?
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What is the "mosaic" on the left chest of military uniforms?

2020-06-28 10:19
  "The last bowl of rice was sent for military food, and the last foot cloth was sent for military uniform," from "Xibaipo Yongjun Xiao Chang". This is a ballad that rose during the liberation period. This song mainly tells that during the war of liberation, soldiers and women used military uniforms and shoes to ensure that the military's demand for military uniforms was met. Because of the simplicity at that time, the clothes of the Communist army and the Kuomintang army were no different, only the difference in wearing badges was used as the difference.
  This is actually a relatively good state. During the Revolution of the Land War in my country, the clothing style of our troops was not fixed. Later, the military paid more and more attention to the distinction between military uniforms. For example, the symbols of identity and honor are represented by medals, which has become a kind of respect for soldiers.
  Beginning on August 1, 1927, the Communist Party entered the process of independently creating a revolutionary army and leading a revolutionary war. From the beginning of this battle, our army unified the army clothing. In the illustrations of the Nanchang Uprising, we can all see that the soldiers who participated in the uprising wore red scarves. This was because the rebel army was still part of the army controlled by the Kuomintang at that time, so the military uniforms were stipulated by the Kuomintang, so the red scarf The difference is here.
  In a certain movie, the western-style color of the military uniform appeared in it was dark, gray, and a red five-pointed star was sewn on the military cap. The bow tie was a badge sewed with red cloth. Such costumes appeared in 1928, when the Fourth Army of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army established the first batch of self-made military uniforms. At present, the People's Liberation Army of my country is wearing the 07-style military uniform, which is full of military power, and is derived from the previous 55-type processing.
  Honor will affect the life of a soldier. The reason why the soldiers go to the chase and ruthlessly is because they always adhere to the belief that only fighting can liberate. In order to realize the freedom of the people and defend their country, they are willing to sacrifice themselves. For these heroes and martyrs, we These historical moments should be kept in mind at all times. In the 1940s, the British invented the medal of honor, which in modern times has evolved into a medal representing the honor of soldiers. It symbolizes a soldier’s belief in defending to death and what he has done for this belief. All achievements.
  The value of the medal is also very high, as long as it is composed of precious stones, precious metals and colored ribbons. But the achievements of some soldiers are incalculable, and there are many medals awarded. The position on the chest is no longer able to hang it. At this time, the ribbon comes in handy. It can be hung on the chest as a medal after folding. The chapter came from here, and it is called the horoscope list abroad, and everything you see is a symbol of military honor.
  The seniority badge, also known as the seniority badge, is often worn on the left chest of military uniforms. From the word seniority, you can get an idea. The seniority chapter not only shows the rank of the officer, but also shows the age of the army. Usually only military personnel and military personnel wear it. If the level is distinguished by the color category and the number of stars, then this must be a level qualification badge. According to the color, the lower the color, the lower the level. For example: blue represents the continuous level, dark blue represents the battalion level, according to the number of stars Divided, one star represents the position as a deputy, and the official position is represented by two stars. If it is divided according to the number of colors, then this is undoubtedly the military service chapter. A few vertical bars mean that there are several years of military service. If the medal still has space, the usual method is to use at most two decorative sketches to arrange full. The age of the wearer can be calculated from the number of vertical stripes.
  Speaking of qualifications, I have to talk about the military rank system of our army. The rank means the state's recognition of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It is not only a manifestation of military honor, but also a systematic display of the strictness of our country's system management. It is of great significance to the management of the military. Everyone should have seen "Sword of Swords", and the last few episodes have a plot of awarding the title. The background of this plot is the first award in China. Since the founding of the People's Republic of my country, the People's Liberation Army has only experienced two stages of military rank system. The first stage was from 1955 to 1965, and the second period was from 1988 to the present. China has always believed that the establishment of a modern army is based on a strict scientific system, and the emergence of the military rank system is for this reason.
  In fact, when the military rank system was first implemented, the PLA basically recognized the rank by looking at the insignia. The military rank is an honor recognition system exclusive to soldiers, and also reflects the strength of the country's military. Napoleon has a famous saying that a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier. The rank is a symbol of the rank of a soldier. It is a kind of commendation and also a spur. We can usually tell through the chapters on military uniforms, the status is different, the shape and color of the badge are different.
  If you hold the same position in the military, but the level of the position is different, there will be some subtle differences in the epaulettes and collars. The insignia was used earlier in the past, but later in the insignia. The insignia is more comprehensive than the insignia. The military ranks worn by soldiers, whether they are military ranks or general ranks, the stars shining on the shoulders are exchanged by the soldiers with youth and countless days and nights. The military rank is the external form we have come up with in order to commend. The deeper connotation is that respect for the identity of a soldier.
  Although the designs on the military accessories of China and the United States are complex, the American medal system will be more complicated and complicated. According to the combat situation, the status assumed, and other factors, the categories are divided, so the chest of the American military The front is often full of medals, and each category has an independent system. For example, the hero behavior award, it has the highest ranking, and the second is the cross medals of the four major military services. The more subdivided, the richer the content. Compared with the United States, China's reward system is relatively simple and clear. Not only the categories but also the number, the United States system is generally unable to parry.
  The medals worn by American soldiers on their chests are colorful because of their various colors. The United States is called the list of honors. Its meaning is the same as that of China. Like the medal, it represents the honor this soldier has won in his life. Sometimes too many medals can easily lead to the inconvenience of soldiers to match, so a small area is unified to reflect the honor of soldiers. The way to wear the badge and qualifications is not the same. The United States prefers to arrange freely. Even if a very experienced person stands in front of him, it is difficult to perceive others' glorious achievements at a glance. But the medals of honor for some major achievements are excluded, and they can still be seen at a glance according to their special characteristics.
  The Xunluo symbolizes all the achievements the soldiers have achieved. Regardless of the form of its appearance, we should face it with respect. In the world, the medals with medals and medals for their special purposes are usually used in colors with symbolic meanings that are connected to them. For example, when awarding medals and medals to naval soldiers, white and blue symbols of the sea often appear. When awarding the military strategy of the border guards, the green symbolizing the country's territory often appears. The color of the military strategy for the police and civilian police is usually red and blue.
  Different colors also show us the contribution of soldiers in different fields to the motherland. These soldiers should be respected by everyone. After carefully understanding the story behind Xunluo, we not only saw the soldiers to the country, For the dedication of the masses of people, what we should learn more is the fearless spirit of the soldiers and the selfless dedication of self-denial.
  Military uniforms are indispensable for the regular army. People rely on clothing, and the decoration of military uniforms is a manifestation of military combat capabilities. When you see a person wearing military uniforms, you can recognize the meaning of these accessories. These "ornaments" are a huge gain for the military. The military should put glory on them. These faces have paid a lot of money.
  Only by advocating heroes, more soldiers will be encouraged, which is a huge driving force. Only when most people strive for progress will China's overall national strength be stronger and the people's happiness will be stronger. All the above shows that the military rank system is conducive to the promotion of national strength, and its role is irreplaceable. To further improve this system, do not bury any hero.

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